June 28, 2010

Things I Pink Fluffy Heart

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In an effort to brighten up the dreary day that is Monday, I hereby declare Monday the “Things I Pink Fluffy Heart” Day.  A day to post about all the things I love.  (People not included… because… obvs… I love my peeps the most.)

So, here we begin.

The top three things I Pink Fluffy Heart the Most.  (Or… at the least the first three that come to my brain at the moment.)

1. (Image Source: Skype.com)

At this very moment, G and I are having a lovely conversation listening to each other breathe while he plays video games and I type, thanks to the amazing invention that is Skype.  (If only Skype didn’t drop calls because G’s internet service sucks at life.  That’s what you get when you live in an igloo.  Or something.)  Skype allows me to keep in touch with my far, far-away fiance in a way that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago.  It’s not quite the same as snuggling up to my honey, but it’s about as close as I can get when my honey is half a world (or so) away.

2.  (Image Source: bestuff.com)

Starbucks Iced Mocha.  Except, minus the whip.  (Apparently the entire interwebs are against me on that since there wasn’t a single picture of a Starbucks Iced Mocha without this unnecessary accessory.)  An iced mocha (or cafe mocha in the winter) is my drug of choice for those mornings when I need a little pick-me-up.  Or a huge helping hand.  Damn Starbucks and the gouging of my pocketbook with every sip of caffeinated goodness.  (On another note: Does anyone even know what a pocketbook is anymore?)  Despite the exorbitant prices (I blame my acceptance of the prices on my love of econ and it’s basic principle of supply and demand…), I still pink fluffy heart Starbucks iced mochas.

3. (Image Source: JessicaSimpsonCollection.com)

I absolutely, positively, pink fluffy, wildly beating, heart all things Jessica Simpson. I am spell bindingly in love with her shoes.  Let’s face it, I am a  shoe-o-holic to the nth degree.  I LOOVVEE shoes.  But Jessica Simpson shoes currently hold the top shoe shelf of my heart.  Luckily, I’m not completely financially irresponsible, so I don’t buy every pair I see that I fall in love with. (I just dream sweetly of them in my slumber…)  I love these, especially in the Navy Fropicana;  I love these in the red patent.  Though I’m not big on flats, (short people need a little extra, yo…) I adore these.  I’d keep going, but what’s the point… by the time I finished, I might as well just put a link to the “view all” shoe page.

So… those are my top three.  Stay tuned for the next addition of Things I Pink Fluffy Heart.  (Oh… and… you may want to have a pen and pencil handy… ya know… in case you see something that you just have to buy.  For me.  Just Sayin’.)

Happy Monday!


As the Old Adage Goes…

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  If that doesn’t cut it, add some vodka.  Or whiskey.


I’ve always liked to think that I’m a pretty tough cookie.  In the last few years, life has really thrown me some curve balls.  My world has seen one major life change after another, some good, some bad, but none that came without copious amounts of stress.  I’ve always seemed to come out the other side stronger, braver, maybe a little smarter, and surely stickin’ my tongue out and telling life that it ain’t gonna beat me yet. But sometimes it seems like it gets harder and harder not to just give up and let life win.  Sometimes I get tired of fighting.  Sometimes I feel like I just might go bat-shit crazy, let them lock me up in a padded room, and call it good.

I look ahead at the next few years of my life and all I can see is more change.  I’m thrilled about the good parts, but know that the choices I’ve made for my future, don’t come without a cost.  When I start to wonder if I’ll be strong enough to make it through the rough parts, I begin to question if I’m really as tough a cookie as I imagine myself to be.

There are a few things that keep me going when I start to feel my sanity slipping away.  The first is my Lord, my King, my Savior;  He promises to always provide me with strength and to never give me more than I can handle with Him by my side.  The second is the hope that I have for my marriage and the joy I find in my love for G; his arms and his smile are more than enough fuel to keep me truckin’.  Finally, is the unending support I am provided by my family; I know I can always count on them to help see me through.

Remembering these things is sorta like making lemonade.  It might not be exactly taking the bad and turning it to good, but it is finding the good in the mist of the bad.  I think that as long as I can do that, I can make it through, no matter how grim things may seem.

I might drink a few Tennessee Iced Teas along the way to smooth out the ride…

June 21, 2010

Random Maternal Instincts

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For all who know me (save one or two friends who are still delusional about the state of my mind when it comes to children), having kids has never been a sure thing for me.  In fact,  many would say that I made up my mind a long time ago to never have kids.  The truth has always been somewhere in the middle of  the ABSOLUTELY and NEVER scale.  Though I’ll admit at times it waned more on the NEVER side of the scale, I have never seen it as a “No, absolutely not” set in concrete decision.

Lately though, I’ve been having more and more moments of “maybe I could and would actually do this whole parenthood thing.”  Today, while reading a blog post by an old acquaintance, who is preparing for her and her husband’s first child, I had one such moment.  Perhaps this was partially spurred by the fact that yesterday was a day dedicated to the Father folks and as such, I spent part of the day remembering and being grateful for the amazing, wonderful father I have had.  This all got me to thinking about why these moments seem to happen more and more frequently.

This is the conclusion I’ve come to… I’ve finally found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.  The man I want to share my memories with.  The man I want to build a home with.  I realized that the thought of creating a life with my soon-to-be husband (I shall henceforth be referring to my beloved simply as “G”… ) doesn’t scare me, in fact, it excites me, just a little bit.  There are still so many things about being a parent that I’m not sure I could handle, and I’m certainly not looking to make a decision on the matter any time in the near future (read: next several years) if for no other reason than I want to have time for just me and G before we bring any kids into the mix.  But the point is, more and more I’m seeing the blessing side of having a child.  Creating a life that is half you and half the person you love (with a lot of help from above…) sounds pretty dang cool.  It helps a lot that I see in G the ability to be an amazing, loving father; just like my dad was and is.  I’m beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, together we could survive the parenthood gig; he could help to curb my neurotic, worrisome tendencies, and I could help manage nutrition when he’s fed the kids far too much candy and not enough no vegetables.

It’s an interesting thought, and maybe someday in the distant future it’ll be more than just a thought… but for now… I’m going to focus on what table cloths to use at our wedding reception.  Seems a bit easier…