July 14, 2010

Quickies (no vulgarity was used in the writing of this post… pinky promise)

Posted in Fashion, Quickie at 10:49 PM by TKWatson

For days when I feel like getting down with my bloggy self, but don’t have enough energy inspiration to write something with actual content… introducing, the “Quickie”.

Quickie: a short post where I comment briefly on a very specific item such as a quote I like, a picture, fashion, etc.

Today’s quickie topic: FASHION

(WARNING:  I make NO claims to be a fashion expert.  The only thing I really know about fashion, is what I like, and what I don’t like.)

(Source: Neiman Marcus.com)

(Source: Neiman Marcus.com)

My tastes in fashion are pretty simple.  I don’t like avant garde fashion.  I’m often not big into “hip” fashion.  I like classic styles with just a little twist and just a little edge.  Some might call that boring.  I call it… “I won’t look like an idiot when someone whips out a picture of me in that outfit in twenty years.”  This dress fits my tastes perfectly.  OH.MY.GOSH.  The designer is Bianca Nero.  I love this designer because the clothes are (at least from what I’ve seen…) a lot like this — Classy and timeless with a little bit of (subtle) detail that makes it interesting.  I can totally imagine myself in this dress.  (If I completely remove myself from reality, that is… cuz uh… the price tag on this baby is a wee bit out of my current budget.)  Anyway…   It definitely fits the timeless and classy quota, but it also hints of vintage style just a little bit.  I love the clean lines, the sequin bust (obvs), the seem detail (that you can’t see in these pictures)  and the racerback.  I’m often of the opinion that racerbacks on evening-type dresses just don’t really… work.  It makes them look too sporty.  But this dress totally pulls it off and even adds a little something, in my opinion.  The whole she-bang is just fantastic.

And that’s all I have to say about that.



  1. tabbi said,

    awesome, i’ve always wanted shiny boobs…

    • TKWatson said,

      Some of us actually need to add a little something to our boobage…

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