July 19, 2010

Things I Pink Fluffy Heart Monday

Posted in Pink Flully Heart Day at 12:53 PM by TKWatson

It’s that time again!  Time for me to tell you about all the things I love because it’s Monday and I like to not have to think too hard on Mondays Mondays are a great day for cheery goodness!

Without further ado… three things I pink fluffy heart.

1. (Source: unf.edu)

Horses.  I totally pink fluffy heart horses.  I LOVE horseback riding.  I wanted to be a barrel racer when I was younger.  Too bad I’m allergic to them (Horses, not barrel racers…).  And lessons are hella expensive.  And my parents refused to buy me a pony.  Damn.  Anywho…  I can hold my own on a horse assuming it doesn’t do anything too crazy, but I very rarely get to ride.  G and I did a trial ride when he was in AZ a few months back.  It was ok, but we pretty much just had to walk along for two hours; it got really boring, really fast.  (And like an idiot I didn’t wear sunscreen so I looked like a boiling lobster at the end of the day.)  The guidebook I have been reading for Kauai (where G and I will be spending our honeymoon) says that there is a trail ride place there that pretty much lets you do your own thing on the rides.  Maybe we can try that.  (Are you taking notes G? Love you!)  I’d love to someday own horses, but then again, that would require actually taking care of them… which is a big mess.  Maybe I’ll just stick to pink fluffy heart loving someone else’s horses.

2. (Source: randasupplies.com)

Office Supplies.  Ok… I know this one is totally weird and random.  But I SERIOUSLY pink fluffy heart office supplies.  I have no idea why.  In school, my favorite part of the year was at the very beginning when I got to go stock up on a bunch of cool pens, paper, notebooks, etc.  As I’m not in school anymore, I don’t have much use for going office supply shopping, but I am still totally OCD about my office supplies at work.  I always have a ton of office supplies at my desk.  And non of those yucky cheap pens for me! No Sir!  I like nice pens, that write smoothly, and don’t leak all over the place.  Alas, sometimes such pens are hard to come by.  My favorite office supply of all time is colored gel pens, but it is SO hard to find good ones.  They’re always crappy, and barely write half the time.  Anyone know of some good ones I can buy?  The funny thing is that office supplies and technology really hate me.  You’d be AMAZED at the number of staplers I’ve managed to break in my day.  (It’s really quite impressive…)  But… still… despite the love/hate relationship, I pink fluffy heart office supplies.

3. (Source: luc.edu)

Massages.  I’ve only had massages a couple times in my life.  (Unfortunately.)  The last one was while G and I were on our engagement trip in Florida.  G surprised me with an AMAZING massage.  I’m not exactly sure what it was called, but it involved hot and cold stones.  I’m sure the masseuse was an angel.  (She was wearing white… coincidence?  I think not…)  I could possibly have just died a happy woman right then and there on that table by slipping off into peace filled, massage induced coma.  (I chose not to however, so that I could get up and go back to the hotel where G was waiting for me.  With more surprises; a post for another day…)  Anywho… It was so super awesome and it totally solidified my pink fluffy heart loving of massages for all time.

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Thanks for checking in for this edition of “Things I Pink Fluffy Heart”.  Happy Monday!!!!



  1. duh said,

    Dude, I’m totally braintwinning you re: #2. I love uniball visions and pilot G2s. Yum!

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