July 21, 2010


Posted in Quickie at 11:45 PM by TKWatson

Today’s Quickie Topic: Excellent Quote-age

I love to laugh.  Even on my worst of days, I still always find something to laugh at.  I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine.  And that you must be able to laugh at yourself above all. What is life if not one long comedic film?

Some of my favorite things to laugh at… (in no particular order)

  • G, when he’s being a big goober…
  • Sarcasm in general
  • Eddie Izzard
  • My self
  • Other people’s funny blogs
  • Funny movies
  • Texts From Last Night
  • MSN’s “Undressed” Feature (Where they rip on celebrities’ poor fashion choices.)
  • The absurdity of Life

Your Turn Dear Reader –

How do you keep yourself laughing?



  1. G said,

    How do I keep myself laughing? Because I’m so funny.

    • TKWatson said,

      That picture makes me laugh. But… in a… “I’m totally and completely creeped out” sorta way.

  2. peonyjane said,

    I send people stupid cat pictures. Oh, you knew that already.

    • TKWatson said,

      Uhh…. ya. I knew that.

      And they may be stupid. But they’re freakin’ cute.

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