July 22, 2010

Details for the Curious Minds

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I’ve talked about the fact that G and I are getting married in October, but I have yet to actually give any details.  So… here’s a few for any curious minds out there.  I don’t want to give away too much just yet.  But let’s just say… this is totally going to be the best wedding ever.  At least in my opinion.

The Date: October 16, 2010.

The date we (read: I with G’s nod of approval… because he is so good to me) originally wanted was September 25, because this is both my grandparents and late great-grandparents wedding anniversaries; I thought having the same anniversary as both of them would be pretty cool.  Plus, my grandparents have been married over fifty years, and my great-grandparents were married over fifty years as well — good luck date?  Couldn’t have hurt…  But alas, as I was e-mailing the wedding coordinator at our venue to reserve that date, she was busy booking another couple on said date.  Oh tragic irony.  (Ok… actually… this isn’t tragic irony even a little bit.  Nor is it really irony.  Whatev.  It sounds awesome.)  I was seriously heartbroken.  Luckily, I managed to recover.  Eventually.

We (read: I with G’s nod of approval) ended up choosing October 16, because… well… it was the only date available this year, at the location we (can we all just agree that when I say “we”, I really mean “I”?) picked, that wasn’t a holiday or a date when half our guest list would be unlikely to come.  Unfortunately, the date we chose in the end, happens to be six days after my birthday.  But… I decided that this minor inconvenience wasn’t worth waiting until next year to have our wedding, since G really wanted to have it this year.  Since G is being amazing, per usual, and going along with my plans for a dream wedding, I figured I could at least go along with his choice of time frame (especially given that his reasons for the time frame preference really do make sense).  So… I told G that he isn’t allowed to combine gifts (unless the combined gift is SUPER awesome.  Heh.)  and opted for October 16.  So… October 16 it is.

The Place: Hassayampa Inn, Prescott Arizona

(Source: tripadvisor.com)

No, neither I or G lives in Prescott.  No, neither I or G is from Prescott.  No, neither I or G has family in Prescott.  I chose Prescott because… well… I like it!  My grandparents have a cabin in Prescott and thus it has been a place I’ve frequented all my life.  I just LOVE the city.  It’s so… cute.  The city was originally a mining town, but managed to survive downturns in the industry and flourishes (to the extent of a small city) to this day.  It is full of historic buildings, including the courthouse in the downtown square, lots of historic homes with rich Victorian architecture, saloon style bars, and, of course… the Hassayampa Inn.  The Inn is a Prescott point of pride; built in 1927, it is gorgeous inside and out.  Even after all these years, the charm of the original architecture and furnishings remains.  The Hassayampa consistently appears in newspapers, magazines, books, and television as one of the best historic hotels in the nation.  Oh… and also… as one of the most haunted hotels in the nation; the Hassayampa is said to be haunted by a ghost named Faith who met an untimely death at the hotel while on her honeymoon.

The Inn has several choices for location of both ceremony and reception.  Our ceremony will be on the rooftop of the reception room, a recently acquired annex building which sits directly next to the main building.  When I originally started looking for a venue, I was hell-bent on having an indoor ceremony.  Then I saw the rooftop at the Hassyampa.  The rooftop is all tile, with a black iron railing surround and lush green trees in the backdrop.  It is AMAZING.  The reception hall is somewhat small, fitting only about 150 people, but it is very pretty, with an antique vibe, and blue and silver accents.  The blue and silver accents is perfect for me because…

The Colors:

Blue –

(Source: http://www.geekologie.com)

(Blue roses will be among the flowers represented in the bouquets.)

Silver –

(Source: SaksFifthAvenue.com)

(No… those aren’t my shoes.  But OhMyGoshIWishTheyWere.  In case you’re wondering… those are Christian Louboutin’s and they’ll run you in the neighborhood of $595.00 at Saks.)

Anywho… incidentally, these colors are ALSO the school colors of the high school that G and I both attended.  I swear I did NOT do this on purpose.  I’ve had these colors picked out since I was, like, five and it didn’t even register with me that blue and silver were our high school colors until one of my bridesmaids, who also went to our high school, reminded me of it when I told her the colors I’d picked.  Blue and Silver are my two favorite colors and it just so happens that they go marvelously together.  Win.

So… there you have it… a small taste of my wedding in the making.

Virtually every detail of my planning thus far has turned out exactly as I had hoped.  Aside from the initial choice of date, I have yet to be disappointed. (Let’s hope this trend continues.)  Everyone has always told me that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you will ever do, but with only a couple of exceptions, I have not found the planning process even the least bit stressful.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  (Maybe that has something to do with my type A, OCD, “love to organize things” personality.  Maybe.)  I am so excited for our wedding.  Both because the wedding itself will freakin’ rock hardcore… AND because our wedding marks the beginning of my life with the most amazing man I could have ever asked to love me.

85 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes, and approximately… 33 seconds.  But whose counting.



  1. peonyjane said,

    HAHA i did not notice that those were HS colors until JUST NOW. are you secretly planning a reunion?!

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