July 29, 2010

Evidentiary Support for My Claim of Blonde-ness

Posted in Blonde Moments, Story of My Life, The Amazing G at 9:56 PM by TKWatson

Me: So, what did you learn about in the training class today?

G: Aerial Port Operations.

Me: Ummm… Oh.  Ok.

G: What?

Me: Well… ummm… what’s an aerial port?

G: Seriously?

Me: Ya… I don’t know what an aerial port is.

G: An aerial port.

Me: ……  …….

G: Do you know what a port is?

Me: A place where boats go.

G: Uhh… ya.  That’s one type of port.  Do you know what an AIR port is?

Me: An air port?

G: Ya.  an airport.

Me: Ohhh!!  An airport!!



So… an aerial port is like an airport?

G: I’m going to just pretend like this conversation didn’t happen…


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