July 29, 2010

Prayers of an (almost) Military Wife

Posted in Military Wifery at 12:35 AM by TKWatson

I sat here starring at my computer screen for a great long while tonight, trying to find some inspiration to write about something.  I decided that forcing it just wasn’t going to work, and gave up.  I then clicked on over to my handy Google home page where a little something in the corner caught my eye.  One of the “widgets” on my homepage is a “top news” box, which displays three hot news article headlines.


G is in Alaska.  G works on a base.  G doesn’t fly in cargo planes, but given what G’s job is, him being near a cargo plane is not at all unlikely.

So I opened up the article.  Sure enough… the crash happened in Anchorage.

Cue Panic.


So I took my own Awesome advice and called him.  Luckily, he answered and informed me that, yes, he’d heard about the crash, but no, he wasn’t in any way involved and didn’t even know much about it.  He was happily eating delicious food at Red Robin.


Plane accidents happen at airports all around the world.  I image the fact that this crash happened to be a military plane on a military base is unrelated to the specific dangers of military missions.

Still… I couldn’t help but realize… this almost certainly won’t be the last time in my life with G when I’ll panic, thinking that something physically, mentally, or emotionally damaging may have happened to him.  Panic worthy events are bound to occur in “normal” life; I have to imagine that panic stricken moments are basically guaranteed, on at least a semi-regular basis, when your husband is deployed to a foreign land in a war zone.  And during those times, I won’t have the luxury of picking up the phone and calling him like I did tonight.

That’s a bridge I’ll cross when I get there.  (I am lucky that I have at least some experience with having a loved one in a dangerous job.  My dad has been a fireman for as long as I’ve been alive.  (Literally… he graduated from the Phoenix Fire Academy the night I was born.)  I’ve grown used to the idea of him walking into burning buildings on a weekly basis.  Or… at least… I’ve learned how to cope with that reality to the point that it’s something I very rarely worry over.  There is a large gap between my dad being a few miles and an easy phone call away for 24 hours, and my husband being a continent away with no guarantees of timely communication for months on end; never-the-less, I’m grateful that I at least have a foundation for learning to cope with the harsh realities of G’s job.)

I thank God that I have been so lucky as to not yet have faced tragedy in my life with the magnitude that the families of those on board the plane that crashed, are facing tonight.  The closest I can even come to relating, which I discussed here, hardly even registers on the same scale. I pray that the Lord will hold the members of those families close tonight as they face a world of unknowns and unspeakable sorrow.

I also pray that the Lord will give me the strength to make it through the times in my future when panic is my first instinct and information isn’t readily available.

Most of all, I pray that the Lord will protect G as he travels around the world, working to protect this country that I love, and that for many years to come, G will come safely and wholly home to me.




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Miss Piggy
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  1. Grace said,

    Though I know you know this but just to reiterate it, it is truly amazing how God steps in and takes over when worry is overwhelming as long as you let him. (though those two words “let” and “him” in any context have been always been hard for me to swallow lol) Every day becomes a new start and God will remind you how much he is in control. I know because he does for me every single day.

    Distance is horrible in any stretch of distance but you learn great lessons of strength, peace, letting go and so many other things. Plus you’re a very strong woman and no matter what struggles you may have you’ll come through shinning. Family, friends and the community of people around you dealing with similar situations with be a huge pillar of strength too.

    So no worrying cause this is all pre-planned and it turns out you’ll be just fine 🙂

    O’ and I’m glad to here he was save and away from danger. 🙂

    • TKWatson said,

      Thanks, Grace!

      I know you’re very, very right! I just have to keep reminding myself of it.. daily. 😛

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