August 11, 2010

The One Where G and I Finally Show Our Faces

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So… I’ve decided to finally post some pictures of G and I because… well… it’s getting a little boring around here and I need a quick and easy post for tonight cuz it’s already 11:30 and I need to get to bed and what better way to spice things up than with our smiling faces?!.

Probably most of you, dear readers, have already seen these, but I need another excuse to post them because they are amazing just in case, here are our engagement pictures.

These were taken (mostly) in a boutique shopping center, where the site of our first date was located.  Sadly, this place, a dance club called Sangria, which had Salsa night on Thursdays, closed almost a year to the day that G and I had our first date there.  The site worked out great because a lot of the structural elements of the complex are done in blue.  Which… is the main color of our wedding, and also went VERY nicely with the clothes we had on, cuz they were also blue.  (Of course… you probably knew that… since you aren’t blind.  Unless you are blind.  In which case… uh… how are you reading this post…?)  Our photographer for the engagement pictures, who will also be doing our wedding, is Rebecca Hobert at Why Not Capture It? Photography. Aside from being an EXCELLENT photographer, Rebecca is also wonderful to work with.  G and I both loved our engagement pictures and are looking forward to having her around to memorialize our wedding in pretty pictures too!!

So… without further delay… I give you…

Engagment Pictures!  YAY!

BACK OFF, LADIES!  I SAW HIM FIRST!!  Oh.  Uhhh….  I mean… He’s so handsome, I know.

Sorta strange, but I really LOVE this picture for some reason.  Who knows…

(Ya… forehead kisses are the best.)

This was Sangria… the club where our first date was at.

WARNING: PDA ALERT!  (Humm…. I guess the warning should go before the picture, right? Meh.)

There are lots more, but these are my very faves.  Hope you love looking at them as much as me!  (Wait… who are we kidding… you’ll never love looking at them as much as me.  Ah well… then… I hope you weren’t totally bored by that display of self-love…)  Anywho… off to bed for me so I can get up in the morning and go to my “real” job.  (Blogess extraordinaire by night, consultant with a weird job that nobody (some days including me) understands by day.  Life is hard.)

Sweet dreams, Dear Reader.


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  1. thegirlwithnoblog said,

    Aww.. The pictures make me happy ❤ Looking forward to hearing about your wedding here!

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