When the man you love lives in a state 3,500 miles from you, communication can be… difficult.  When the man you love gets deployed to a foreign land, communication can be… impossible.  Or so I assume.  Though I have yet to experience the latter, I know it is only a matter of time.  For now, I live under the conditions of the former scenario.  The love of my life is half a world away.  This blog is for him – letters to him from me.

When I finally do get to move to be with my honey, it’ll mean leaving my family, whom I’ve lived virtually next door to my entire life.  Adjusting to life without my parents, sister, grandparents, and the rest of my family is going to be hard for both me and them.  Pretty soon, I’ll be half a world a way from my family that I love so much.  So this blog is also for them – letters to them from me.

Finally, life  can take friends in many different directions.  Some of my friends have already moved away or we’ve grown apart.  For those friends that I’m still close with, moving far, far away will make keeping in touch just that much harder.  So this blog is for my friends too, some of which are already half a world away, and some of which will be in the near future – letters to them from me.

To my love, my family, and my friends.  So that even when we’re half a world away from one another, you will know that no amount of distance can move you far from my thoughts and my heart.



  1. Linda Hooker said,

    You have such a way with words and are sooo funny! Love reading your stuff. Love, Mommy

  2. peonyjane said,

    PS, adjusting to life without F@Fs will be nearly sacrilegious. you know, in case you forgot. *tear*

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