August 15, 2010

Military Wifery – Rookie Style

Posted in Military Wifery, Shout-Outs at 2:27 AM by TKWatson

Ok… so I’m not actually a military wife yet, but in 61 days, that’ll change.

A few weeks ago, I started scouting out other military wife bloggers – both those who are new to it, like me, and those who have been there, done that, and whom I can hopefully gain some wisdom from.  My quest for such bloggers has not been in vain.

So far I’ve found:

Amanda whose husband is a United States Solider.  They are currently two months into a twelve month deployment.

Betty whose husband is a United States Marine.  Her husband will be deploying any day now from what I gather on her blog.

Rebekah whose husband is a United States Airman.  They’re pretty new to this life too.

Taryn whose fiance is a United States Marine.  They will be tying the knot just a few days before G and I and she has just recently moved to be with him.

Mrs. S whose husband is a United States Airman.  They found out today (well… technically yesterday) that he will be deploying in mere days; keep them in your prayers.

Casey whose husband is a United States Airman.  They PCSed (read: moved; changed stations) to Turkey a month or so ago (and most of their belongings haven’t caught up with them yet.)

Even though I’ve only just begun reading their blogs, I have already found so much hope in these women.  As mine and G’s wedding is fast approaching (hard to believe it was seven and a half months ago that G asked me to be his wife…) the question of what it will really mean to be a military wife has become bigger and bigger in my mind.  I am blessed that G’s mom is a wonderful resource for me when it comes to answering this question, but I’m also excited to read about the lives of women who are close to my age, at similar points in their lives, and whose experiences in the here and now will be echoed in my own life.  These women have already shown me through their writing that yes, being a military wife is hard, but it is no match for the power of love, nor is the life itself without benefit.  Most importantly, they have shown me that military wives are not magical creatures with superhuman powers who take on the difficulties of military life effortlessly; they are just normal people, who are driven to extraordinary things by love.  This has inspired me and comforted me beyond measure.  And it has made me realize a few things:

  • There will be times in this life when I will be scared, angry, frustrated and so much more — and that’s ok.
  • Sometimes I will cry — but that won’t make me a bad wife or any less of a person.
  • It is and will be so important to find pride, joy, and contentment in the little things, to appreciate them and hold onto them — these are the things that will keep me going during the rough times.
  • I CAN do this, and I don’t have to be anyone or anything but me to do so.

Thank You to these women for making me feel so much less alone in my fears and my dreams.

Thank You to all the many women and men who stand by our airmen, soldiers, marines, and sailors day in and day out, through the good times and the hard times.  I am so humbled to be joining your ranks.

Finally, a thousand times Thank You to the men and women who serve in our military, like my G — you all are my reason for hope and pride in this great country of ours.